Dark Roast Coffee vs. Light Roast Coffee

When it comes to the debate of dark roasted coffee versus light roast, the issue of which has more caffeine always comes to mind. This is a common misconception among many coffee drinkers, that one has more caffeine than the other simply due to color.

The Truth

The caffeine content of both dark and light roast is relatively the same. The main difference comes from the volume of coffee used. Dark roast brews produce smaller beans due to the long roasting process that it requires creating dark roast. Light roast brews have larger beans because the bean expands and becomes larger in size from the roasting process. The size difference is where the misconception begins. If you were to take a scoop of light roast beans and a scoop of dark roast, there would be essentially more caffeine in the light roast scoop. However, if you weigh out the scoops, dark roast would have more caffeine because there is less mass. Simply put, if the same amount of fresh coffee beans were in each scoop, the caffeine percentage would be the same.

The Difference

Taste is a big difference when it comes to light and dark roast coffees. Light roast is a much sweeter, tangy taste with a strong scent. As for dark roast, it is less complex with a richer, charred taste. This is why there is a misconception of dark roast containing more caffeine. The rich taste leaves the impression that it is a stronger coffee, but it is just taste, not actuality. Stronger taste does not mean more caffeine.

The look is another big difference. Although the colors may look similar, the darker the bean, the darker the color of your coffee.  The change in color will lead to huge differences in the coffee you brew.

The density of the coffee itself is another difference. When brewing a darker roast, the coffee is thicker because of the oils it contains. During the longer roasting process for dark roast beans, the beans produce an oil, which leaves a shiny layer on the fresh coffee beans when they are finished. This oil adds a thickness to the coffee.

The Verdict

Coffee strength or caffeine content is not going to be very different based on the roast you order. If you are in search of the strongest coffee roast, look no further. Caffeine percentage will be the same no matter what you order. So, find the flavor you are looking for first. Search for the scent that wakes you up. Stop loathing over the debate that one roast is stronger than the other. The truth of the matter is that fresh coffee beans and the brewing process will depict the strength of the coffee. The roast is a misleading misconception that continues to be debated. Find what works for you and visit our website at https://www.koffeekult.com.