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What can be better than freshly roasted whole bean coffee? Ethiopia Harrar Coffee Whole Bean Coffee.

Koffee Kult has several strands of whole bean coffee,about our Ethiopian Harrar is one of a kind. With a boastful aroma and sweet berry notes, there is no better way to start off your morning than with a cup of Ethiopian Harrar.

The Harrar coffee bean is hard to come by, like a perfect, ripehand-picked blackberry.

Quality Harrar coffee is bold and complex in character. Ranging from tones of cinnamon, cardamom, blackberry, apricots and compote, a smoky aroma. Found in the southern Ethiopian farms at 4,500 to 6,300 feet of elevation, the Harrar coffee is an exotic, natural Arabica coffee bean. The dry processing of the Harrar coffee beans bring forward its rich red wine and dark chocolate flavors. Many coffee lovers would highly recommend Ethiopian Harrar coffee as a post-dinner coffee.

If you're looking for a morning pick-me-up or a night cap, Koffee Kult's Ethiopian Harrar Whole Bean Coffee is perfect for you. Ethiopia is home to some of the most unique coffee beans on earth, and soon to be the most unique in your home.

Harrar coffee is grade of 100% Arabica coffee. The coffee beans are grown at high altitudes in the Harrar region of Ethiopia. The Arabica bean may not have the most caffeine, but it is undoubtably the best in flavor. To learn more about Koffee Kult and our artisan coffeecheck out what our coffee connoisseurs have to say.

For your convenience, Koffee Kult offers a subscription that will atomically send your next bag of Ethiopian Harrar coffee within 15, 30 or 45 days. Never wake up to an empty pot of coffee again!


Cupping Notes Notes of strawberry, peach and blueberry - roasted medium

Location Djimma Region

Altitude 1,880-2,180 meters

Varieties Heirloom varieties selected for quality and resilience

Process Natural

Drying Sun-dried on raised beds

Harvest October-January

Export May-July


The GERA Estate occupies the highland areas at an altitude of 1880-2180m, which are excellent conditions for arabica coffee growing.

No chemical fertilizers or insecticides are being used. The production system is based on principles of sustainability for the farming environment and improving the living and working conditions of the employees.

All coffees on the GERA estate are shade grown and protected from pollution by enriching the soil with nitrogen-producing plants and natural fertilizer. For the employees the estate provides housing, education for children, clean drinking water, electricity, health care, recreational facilities and more, all free of charge.

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