Fresh Roasted Guatemalan Huehuetenango Coffee Beans

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Whole Bean Guatemala coffee medium roast to preserve the pleasant citrus, plum, and chocolate notes. Grown in the secluded valleys Guatemala's rugged Western highlands. Coffee is Guatemala's number one export contributing to the country's growing economic status.


Cupping Notes of sweet acidity, citrus notes, pleasant fruity notes, strawberry and plum, solid body, balanced, chocolate, complex, clean and nice aftertaste - roasted medium

Location Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Altitude 1,524-1,830 masl

Varieties Caturra, Bourbon

Process Fully Washed

Drying Patio sun-dried

Harvest December - May

Export April - July


The Guatemala Huehuetenango EP coffee is prepared for export using a standard called

European Preparation (EP), meaning the coffee is hand sorted until there are no more than 8 defects per 300 grams of green coffee. This Guatemalan coffee is sourced from different farms within the region of Huehuetenango and it is known for it‰۪s clean and bright acidity.

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