Commercial Toddy Maker Filters

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Looking to keep your loyal clientele happy with your daily cold brew of Koffee Kult coffee? Make sure to replenish your Toddy Cold Brew Commercial System with specially crafted commercial Toddy filters.åÊåÊ

The Toddy commercial filters are made from natural paper, which works to strain out all of the bitter andåÊacidicåÊtaste that is typically present in coffee that is brewed with heat. When using Koffee Kult coffee beans in the Toddy Cold Brewing System, the flavor of the 100% Arabica Koffee Kult beans isåÊaccentuated.åÊåÊ

Each case of filtersåÊincludes 50 Toddy commercial-useåÊfilters, so you're are always prepared to brew a fresh batch of delicious Koffee Kult Cold Brew. Included in the case filters is a Toddy Strainer, whichåÊfiltersåÊany coffee grounds that may haveåÊseeped throughåÊduring the brewing process,åÊleaving you will a flawless batch of cold brew coffee.åÊåÊ

Before brewing your very own batch of Koffe Kult cold brew coffee,åÊmake sure that you are aware of the following:åÊ

  1. Be sure to dampen the filter slightly before inserting into brewer.åÊ
  2. Never stir the water and coffee in the Toddy brewing container ‰ÛÒ this will clog the Toddy commercial filter.åÊ

Each filter is meant for one-timeåÊuse,åÊso be sure to stock up to keep your clients happy.åÊ

Koffee Kult proudly offers Toddy Cold Brew systems and accessories for everyone. Whether you are looking to make your cold brew from home, or if you'reåÊproviding large batches to hundreds of coffee lovers every morning, Koffee Kult has everything you need!

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