Koffee Kult Eye Cracker Espresso Beans

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This Koffee Kult Espresso blend combines coffee beans from Kenya and Central America that deliver fruity, bright flavor notes and a touch of sweetness. Eye Cracker Espresso will jumpstart your day with both extreme caffeine power and flavor.

 These unique espresso beans were carefully sourced, blended, and roasted to create a cup of something special. Every sip of a frothy cappuccino or bold shot of espresso delivers a medium-bodied, bright taste that is dressed with the sweetness of tropical fruit. Soft sparks of juicy tangerine and bold cherry combine with mild hints of lemon. The espresso coffee blend is also naturally sweet with traces of simple sugar and silky caramel that erase any thought of bitterness. Discover a coffee that brings tropical fruit flavors and warm sunshine from around the world right home to your cup.


Cupping notes: Fruity, Bright Flavor, medium bodied, fruity, sweet flavors of tangerine, caramel, cherry, and mild lemon with a hint of natural sugar - medium roast

Eye Cracker Espresso is a specialty grade coffee due in part to the quality of the coffee beans, but also because it is hand roasted in small batches by an artisan coffee roaster in the USA. Our iconic Koffee Kult bag features a flat bottom for easy, stand-up storage and a unique zipper valve closure system that keeps air out and seals freshness in. Keep the bag sealed tightly to protect this awesome coffee for silky, perky cups of Eye Cracker Espresso from the first bean to the last. 

Eye Cracker

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