Is Fresh Coffee Better Than Caffeine Pills?

Looking for that late afternoon pick-me-up to get through the rest of the work day, or extra energy for the gym? Koffee Kult is here to answer the question, is fresh coffee better than caffeine pills at giving you energy?

One of the most commonly used drugs in the world, caffeine is used by about ninety percent of the population.  Whether it’s in a cup of coffee or in pill form, both have their benefits.

Pros of Caffeine Pills:

Caffeine pills contain about two hundred milligrams of caffeine, and the situation of drinking an entire cup of coffee is avoided. The amount of time that is saved from waiting for a pot to brew, saving calories with no cream and sugar, and no coffee bitterness, after taste, or teeth stains, make the caffeine pill a great alternative.

Cons of Caffeine Pills:

Can cause more jitters than a cup of coffee. Those who are sensitive to caffeine can’t dilute this option. Caffeine pills also lack the flavorful aspect to coffee.

Pros of Coffee as Caffeine Intake:

Since there are so many different coffee drinks, you are given the opportunity for a new coffee drink every time you need to refuel with caffeine. Just like caffeine pills, drinking a cup of coffee has its benefits. You are given the ability to enjoy the taste and aroma of a fresh cup of coffee. Each cup of coffee, depending on the type, contains about eighty to one-hundred and thirty milligrams of caffeine. Yes, this is less than a caffeine pill; but in most situations, two hundred milligrams is too much and can cause anxiousness and lightheadedness if not staying properly hydrated.

Cons of Coffee as Caffeine Source:

May not be as effective for some as caffeine pills.


Neither is entirely better than the other, as they both contain benefits. However, pills can become addicting, since they are twice as strong as a regular cup of coffee and less effort to consume, you need to be cautious with the amount of caffeine pills you take daily.

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