How Different Countries Prefer Drinking Coffee

How Different Countries Drink Coffee Koffee Kult

In America, we brew our coffee fresh, black, and bitter; sometimes with cream, sometimes with sugar, and sometimes with both. In the American culture, drinking coffee is typically done in the morning and oftentimes in the early afternoon. However, there are a plethora of ways to serve coffee and there are different times of day in which people drink their caffeinated beverage. Koffee Kult has taken the time to trot the globe in order to find out how some other countries prefer drinking coffee. 

United States 
On the morning commute to work, coffee from the gas station or from a roadside diner in the driving path is good enough for hard working people. Starbucks is another American favorite, which is difficult to pass up when they are located on just about every street corner. However, coffee is so popular in the United States, that more and more modern, unique coffee shops and coffee cult-style places are popping up and serving 100% Arabica coffee, Columbian coffee, Ethiopian coffee, and brewing it using the freshest, most savory techniques like traditional cold brew 

When it comes to drinking coffee in Italy, Koffee Kult knows that espresso is the key to everyone's hearts. Most people prefer a regular shot of espresso; however, it is common to top it off with sweet whipped cream if the sweet tooth desires satisfaction. 

The country where it all began; drinking coffee has been a staple of everyday life for over 1,000 years! Coffee is served proceeding a traditional ceremony of spiritual practice revolved around the entire process of how coffee becomes coffee, beginning with the roasting of the beans. The development takes time, but here at Koffee Kult, we know it is well worth the wait. 

The busy bees in this country stop at the vending machine for their favorite coffee brew whenever they need it. 

Famous for the Irish Coffee, this country originated the act of drinking coffee as a cocktail. It comes served as a hot coffee with whiskey, topped with whipped cream. This drink is served in bars all around the world and most take it as an after-dinner beverage. 

True Turkish coffee is dark, strong, and sweet, usually served in a small cup similar to an espresso shot. It is typical to have leftover grounds at the bottom of the cup, for this is how they know they have been served a good coffee. 

Drinking coffee in Cuba is like going to work or school, it is part of a routine that everyone does. Cafecito, better known as Cuban coffee, is an extremely strong espresso brewed with sugar. Most often, coffee in Cuba is enjoyed with family and friends over a decent period of time. Another popular coffee drink is called a Colada, just a fresh, strong espresso. There is also the Cortadito, with is like the Colada with a splash of milk. 

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