How Koffee Kult Roast Your Cult Coffee

Home of Koffee Kult


This is the Koffee Kult world headquarters building


All of our coffee is roasted in this 5100 sqft building. There is a small coffee shop in the front where you can enjoy a coffee and see our process for roasting coffee.
Koffee Kult
311 South 21st Ave.
Hollywood, FL 33020
All of Koffee Kult coffee is roasted in this building.

Fresh Roasted Coffee



Koffee Kult roast your coffee on the most state of the art equipment


These machines were made by hand for Koffee Kult and is the most environmentally friendly roaster currently made. No air pollutants, fuel efficiency and Meets or exceeds all California EPA regulations.
Loring S70 Peregrine roast a maximum 154 pounds of coffee per batch.
Loring S35 Kestral that has a maximum 70 pounds batch of coffee per batch.
Roaster Dynamics 1 pound batch of coffee.

Coffee Batch Profiling



Coffee Profiling


All of our roasters have profiling and logging to ensure consistency batch after batch.

We track time, bean temperature, air flow, and other environmental data during the roasting process. Just one variation and the coffee will taste different than another batch.




You can eat off our floors!



Machine Cleaning and Maintenance


Koffee Kult has daily, weekly and quarterly cleaning and maintenance schedules.

Here, our roasters on maintenance day which help ensure they are ready roast coffee everyday. Well maintained machines allow easier production days and a piece of mind when it is time to roast your coffee.

Additionally maintenance and cleaning rigorously are needed for the Koffee Kult Food Saftey program and to pass our State, FDA and Third Party inspections.


Cooling Coffee After Roasting


After roasting coffee our machines cool the coffee to room temperature in under 4 minutes. This stops the roasting process and stabilizes the flavor. If you are around our building this is the coffee aroma you can smell.

Coffee not cooled this quickly can taste baked or flat as it will continue to roast internally for quite some time.


De-stoning and Filtering Coffee


After your coffee is cool it is transferred thru a destoner before packaging. This uses air to push coffee up while leaving any rocks behind if they happen to have made it this far into the roasting process.

Small rocks from drying beds at the farms are not uncommon in speciality coffee, we filter our coffee 4 times in the roasting process alone. Besides rocks can you guess what else my be found in green coffee?


Packaging Coffee

Koffee Kult packages coffee whole bean and ground in many sizes by hand. Our packaging department sorts orders out and puts coffee in the correct bags for customers.

Distributor and wholesale orders are out in cases and then on a pallet for shipment. While customer direct orders are giving to the shipping department to be prepared USPS, Fedex or UPS deliveries.

Inovation At Koffee Kult

Obsession with delivering great coffee for customers always leads us to technology solutions on the farms and in our roasting plant. Featured here is our new robot arm to help label bags faster and correct every time. Labeling something that 3 production staff would spend 2 days doing and it could get confusing on busy days.

Our new robot arm will do the same task with one staff member in 4 hours allowing the production staff to get 20% more accomplished in the same amount of time.

Friends and Coffee Producers

We love to see our friends! It is common for Koffee Kult coffee producers to come visit. Roasting coffee in south Florida puts us in the gateway to Central and South America and an easy location to get visit. It is always a great honor to host events for our coffee producers.

We hope to see you here soon!

Quality Assurance and New Product Testing

Daily Koffee Kult test our coffee to ensure it is correct. Some of our in house testing includes cuppings for sensory, technical test such as water activation and bean density. We also have several food testing labs we use for certified technical test such as product expiration including yeast and mold growth.

Roasting coffee is our passion at Koffee Kult. We are always looking for new ways to offer the coffee our amazing farmers produce. Do not be surprised to come visit and find us in the middle of a top secret testing. We will probably want your input too :-)