How Koffee Kult Roast our Cult Coffee

Koffee Kult
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All of Koffee Kult coffee is roasted at our main facility.
Loring S70 Peregrine

Koffee Kult roast on the most state of the art equipment

Our Loring S70 Peregrine roast a maximum 154 pounds of coffee per batch. This is the largest coffee roaster that is considered artisan.

This machine is made by hand and is the most environmentally friendly roaster currently made. No air pollutants, fuel efficient allows this machine fit into our operation. Meets or exceeds all California EPA regulations.

Additionally, we use a Loring Kestrel 35 Kilo which roast up to 70 pounds of coffee in one batch. As with its big brother the Peregrine this machine is hand made for us.

Our roasters on cleaning day, production staff preform daily, weekly, monthly and yearly maintenance to ensure they are ready roast coffee every day.

After roasting coffee our machines cool the coffee to room  temperature in under 4 minutes. This stops the roasting process.

When the coffee is cool it is transferred to packaging thru a destoner. This pushes the coffee up with air leaving any rocks if they happen to have made it this far into the roasting process.

Small rocks from drying beds at the farms are not uncommon in coffee, we filter our coffee 4 times in the roasting process alone.

Koffee Kult purchases from all the regions that grow specialty grade coffee. This is what the bags look like from our farmers. 

Here you can see what green coffee looks like. This is how we receive coffee from our farms and mills before we roast it.

As you can see there are no defects in these freen coffee beans and all th ebeans are the same size. This is vey important in roasting coffee.

The best part of roasting some of the most awesome coffee with amazing equipment is enjoying it with our friends.