Coffee Gift Baskets Just in Time for the Holidays

The holidays are a time of gathering and spending quality time with family and friends. This is usually done with a meal together, music playing in the background, lots of laughter and gifts being exchanged.

What better gift to give the coffee lover in your life than a coffee gift basket from Koffee Kult?

The holidays are a great time to give coffee with the winter months setting in and the weather getting colder. Coffee is a comfort. It warms you up and gives you the added boost to keep going during some dreary and cold days. Giving the gift of coffee to an avid coffee drinker gives them a chance to try something new or different while still getting their coffee fix.

Koffee Kult has a variety of gift options to take care of everything this holiday season. Whether it is a coffee gift basket, a subscription to our Coffee Gift Club or a package of one of our signature blends, we can help you finish your holiday shopping.

There are six different coffee gift packages available. The two-coffee package comes with one pound of our dark roast and medium roast coffee. The two-coffee package is also available with a Koffee Kult travel mug.

There are also three-coffee packages available. The first package comes with a half-pound bag of our dark roast, medium roast, and harrar coffee and comes with an electric grinder. The second package comes with the same three varieties of coffee and an aeropress coffee brewer for rapid brewing. Finally, the third package features just the three varieties of coffee.

Finally, there is a coffee gift bag available that includes a one-pound bag of any Koffee Kult variety, a travel mug, a Koffee Kult pin, Koffee Kult stickers and a Koffee Kult drawstring bag.

Of course, you can always simply give the gift of coffee by purchasing any one of our signature blends. With varieties of medium roast, dark roast, White Lightning Blonde coffee, Colombia decaf and more, you are sure to find a flavor that will warm the hearts of those receiving the gift of coffee this holiday season.

If you really want to go above and beyond with your gift for the coffee lover in your life, give them the gift of coffee for the entire year. A subscription to the Coffee Gift Club can be the perfect gift. With subscriptions available at three months, six months and a full year, you will get 12 ounces of gourmet coffee each month, specifically selected by Koffee Kult, including exclusive reserve coffees. All coffee is roasted with 24 hours of shipping. Avoid the hassle with a one-time payment and let your favorite coffee fan enjoy the taste of premium gourmet coffee all year.

Of course, you could always give yourself the gift of gourmet coffee this holiday season or stock up for your next holiday party. With many different varieties, you can try them for yourself and find your favorite or share them with your family and friends.

At Koffee Kult, you get a truly unique experience because you get delicious coffee that is from roast premium coffee beans from around the world. Koffee Kult coffee is anything but ordinary, acquiring beans from quality farms from over 50 countries around the world that all harvest coffee. We only roast the highest quality and grade of Arabica beans farmed and harvested in Indonesia, South American, Central America and Africa. At Koffee Kult, we support farms around the world that respect the environment and that pay women directly and equally. It is our promise that we will take a stance and uphold this policy to the fullest. In finding the best coffee, we also hold standards that it was done in a safe and sustainable way with farmers and workers of any age and any gender being paid equally.

Whether we are sending a bag of freshly roasted coffee to your home or supplying to many boutique coffee shops, our focus remains on the quality of coffee beans, which truly stands out above the competition.

All of our coffee beans are carefully hand-selected for roasting, caring for preserving the flavor and development of each batch, then packaged by hand before heading to you, our loyal customers. With the help of state-of-the-art equipment, each roast is consistent to keep the flavor nuances intact and the flavors rich.

Now that you know about Koffee Kult, the coffee gift baskets you can get in time for the holidays, and the promises and ethics we follow, start shopping for your favorite blend or try something new and exciting this holiday season. Whether you purchase a coffee gift basket, a subscription or just one batch of coffee, we value our customers just the same and hope the experience of Koffee Kult coffee brings you back for more.