What Does Your Coffee Say About You?

With over 150 million Americans alone consuming coffee, it is no wonder why there are a variety of ways to drink coffee. Are you a fan of cinnamon in your coffee? Perhaps you prefer creamer? Are you a dark roast lover or a light roast fanatic? Ultimately, the question is – what do different coffee drinks say about your personality? Koffee Kult has collected information and developed a few similarities in the personalities of people who prefer similar coffee drinks.

The Espresso Drinker

Whether you prefer one shot or a double shot, there is no doubt that an espresso drinker is a natural born leader. You like precision, order, and have no time for funny business. You appreciate the value of hard work and inspire others to work hard as well. You are always on the go and prefer tasks and people to be straightforward with you. Your Type-A personality allows you to think logically and get things done.

A Latte Lover

The opposite of an espresso drinker, an average latte enthusiast enjoys the little things in life. More than likely, you prefer leisurely tasks and time to reflect on life and your choices. Your natural, laid back nature prevents you from over-analyzing and stressing over decisions. You love comfort and all things cozy!

Frappuccino Drinker

As an outgoing individual, you are daring and much more willing to try new things than your comrades. Living for spontaneity and the next big thing keeps you going daily. Your happy, upbeat, and positive attitude is a burst of fresh air. No need for extra caffeine in your beverage, you have all the energy you need to keep your days happy and full.

The Purist: Black Coffee Drinker

Taking a much more serious look on life, this coffee drinker certainly does not prefer to try different coffee drinks. A typical black coffee drinker is prone to mood swings, but nevertheless, they are the person others can rely on for straight forward answers. Your candid personality balances out those who are much more carefree. You have a sense of humor that can mesh well with others, but do not like to waste time on unnecessary activities.

So, which coffee drinker are you? Reach out to Koffee Kult on social media and let us know which coffee drink you prefer!