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We've listed our top tricks and most commonly asked questions below!

Want to elevate your daily coffee?

It's a beautiful fall day and you are craving a Pumpkin Spice Latte, but don't have time to put it together? Whip out your Pumpkin Pie Spice, homemade or store bought, and mix with your coffee to add that fall flare.

Not a fan of bitterness in your coffee?

Add salt. Yes, you heard us correctly...salt. Salt can reduce coffee bitterness. Koffee Kult coffee should not be bitter when brewed, but adding a pinch of salt to your coffee when brewing it can result in a smoother cup of coffee.

Struggle to keep your coffee fresh?

For the freshest cup of coffee possible, you want to grind your coffee beans right before you brew. Koffee Kult bags are the best place to store your beans. You can also place it in an airtight canister. Remember to store your beans in a cool, dry, dark space.

All water is NOT the same!

Filtered water tastes differently and will absolutely affect the taste of your coffee. Tap water contains more impurities, and can leave your coffee with a metallic or acidic taste. For a purer tasting cup of coffee, try using filtered or bottled water.

On the other hand, filtered water also possesses several other minerals that can leave it with hard or soft properties. These additional properties will also affect the taste of your coffee. “Hard” water is not actually solid. Instead, the “hardness” of water refers to the additional calcium and magnesium minerals that can be found in the water.

Sour coffee? Yuck!

Sour coffee can be due to improper brewing. Try our easy fixes!

  • Ground to course - grinding coffee to course will cause under extraction
  • Short extraction - water contact time dictates a lot of your coffees taste. if your brew is to fast it will be sour
  • Water temp - the optimum water temperature is between 200 - 205F degrees. To cold will make coffee taste sour *Do not forget coffee is 99% water, make sure to use filtered water.*

Now it's time to choose your beans...