Opening of New Facility

Koffee Kult Nation! We are expanding! In the last month, we have been making a transition and have finally made the move into our new facility and our Koffee Kult Headquarters is now located in Hollywood, Florida.

So why the move? We have been growing rapidly and need the larger space to bring together not only our Koffee Kult originals but the introduction of our new Loring machine. That’s right, our high-quality coffee will all be roasted using our top of the line Loring Roaster. Just when you thought our coffee couldn’t get any better, we yet again, have stepped it up to bring the highest quality coffee beans direct to you.

As if that wasn’t enough, we bring you the latest with our premium iced teas. These two different loose-leaf teas will be the Epitome of refreshing this summer. Choose from the radiant Pomegranate Black Ice Tea or the Sunshine Lemongrass Green Ice Tea. Both with vastly different tastes of freshness packed with tons of antioxidants.

With the new Koffee Kult headquarters, we are open twenty-four hours a day to ensure that each order is accounted for and ready to roast between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., every day. With the high-quality and output quantity of our new Loring Roaster each order is shipped within twenty-four hours of being roasted to ensure that you receive the freshest batch of coffee possible.

Visit our website to purchase our special blend of iced teas, or for our coffee beans direct, check out our vast selection of premium coffee beans.