Let’s Talk About Nitro Coffee

For the avid coffee drinker, awesome coffee is most likely what you strive for when you reach for your daily cup of joe. From different coffee drinks like fresh roasted coffee to cold brew, there are a ton of variations in-between. One of Koffee Kult’s newly discovered variations is nitro coffee. 

There is one main difference in cold brew and nitro coffee: nitrogen gas. Cold brew coffee is infused with nitrogen gas, released through a pressurized valve with tiny holes, better known as a tap. When high pressure pushes the cold brew coffee past a disc, the coffee comes out creamy with a stout-like effect, like the head of a draft beer. This process leaves the awesome coffee drink looking like a Guinness draft and tasting extra smooth. Nitrogen-infused cold coffee originated in 2013 from an Oregon man at Stumptown Coffee Roasters in Portland. 

Nitrogen gas does not dissolve in water easily, so the coffee comes with a thicker feel than a cold brew iced coffee. The creamy thickness comes from the smaller nitrogen bubbles that are Nitro coffee has a smooth, clean, and silky taste. It comes straight from the tap, and does not come with ice; the ice ruins the stout-like effect produced when poured into the cup.  

If you are into trying different coffee drinks, nitro coffee is definitely worth the try. This coffee bean variation is perfect for black coffee lovers. It is also great for those who dislike the sour, bitter taste of coffee that may have been exposed to too much oxygen, for the process of nitrogen-infused coffee pushes the bubbles out of the liquid.