Koffee Kult Brings Home Three Top Coffees from Colombia’s 3rd Annual Land of Diversity

During our sourcing trip to Colombia, Koffee Kult won the bid of three amazing coffees, which will arrive soon at our roasting facility. Aside from winning, Koffee Kult served as judge for the 3rd National Coffee Quality Competition “Colombia, Land of Diversity,” which recognizes excellence, quality, and diversity of the country’s coffee.

The competition honors the dedication of coffee growers that produce the highest quality coffee. It has become a global benchmark within the specialty coffee community as the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) seeks to encourage production of specialty coffee for its national and international customers.

The competition sorted the coffee farms in two categories: small and large lots. From there, two methods are employed for judging: Specialty Coffee Association cupping and Land of Diversity standards, which grades five attributes, such as low defects, yield factor, and moisture.

During Koffee Kult’s second time judging, it also participated in the live auction with other national and international bidders, which took place in Bogotá on October 5, 2018, as part of "Cafés de Colombia Expo 2018."

Centro Nacional de Investigaciones de Café – Cenicafé, hosted nearly 30 auction participants from across glob, such as the United States, United Kingdom, China, Taiwan, Dubai, and more.

In this auction, Koffee Kult won the bid for the best coffees including top awarded, highest scoring and the only women-produced coffee. These will be sold to Koffee Kult customers as El Roble (top awarded), Los Pinos (highest scoring), and Orisol (the only women-produced coffee).

“We are proud to reward coffee farmers for their hard work,” said Jamie Mardis, founder of Koffee Kult, shortly after the auction. “Koffee Kult is committed to improving small farmers lives and quality coffee!”