Koffee Kult Rewards Program

Join the Kult and be rewarded! We love our members and feel that every purchase you make should be rewarded. How exactly does our loyalty program work?

Your Rewarded from the Start!

The second you create your loyalty member account, you will receive two hundred loyalty points toward a future purchase. Any purchases after that you will receive ten points for every dollar spent. Once you receive enough points, you are rewarded discounts toward future purchases. Whether that be on fresh coffee orders or buying some of our branded swag.

Accumulated points can be spent when you reach 500, 1,000 or 2,500 points. These thresholds will give you five dollars, ten dollars or twenty-five dollars off your purchase. Eventually, you have the opportunity to earn free coffee once you accumulate enough points to cover the purchase price!

More Ways to be Rewarded!

Aside from making purchases, because you are part of the Kult, there are other ways to be rewarded. Have an upcoming birthday? Everyone who’s a Kult member receives two hundred points on their special day. How about your friends who are also coffee enthusiasts? Refer them to the Kult and five hundred points will be rewarded every time one of your referrals joins the Kult. Additionally, after you make five purchases, you will be rewarded five hundred extra points.

Koffee Kult coffee beans are not for the average coffee drinker. We cater towards coffee enthusiasts who appreciate the best tasting cup of coffee, at an affordable price. Purchase enough coffee and maybe earn enough points to cover the purchase of an awesome coffee roaster!

For more information about joining the Kult and earning coffee rewards, visit the Koffee Kult website.