Koffee Kult Production Roaster’s Favorites from 2017

As another great year of coffee roasting draws to a close, we wanted to share the top three favorite blends and premium coffee beans from our Production Roaster Jeremy Doner. (Pictured in the middle between Koffee Kult's dynamic duo.)

First: Bourbon Barrel-aged Myanmar Ywangan Washed Coffee

This limited edition was new for Koffee Kult and has a completely different flavor profile that it quickly became a must try. It has a mellow flavor infused with a sweet nutty chocolate flavor that also has smoky notes. This coffee is hand turned daily for months and truly has a superb flavor. If you haven’t tried it yet, hurry before it’s all gone!

Second: Eye Cracker

These espresso beans are a family favorite. This blend combines premium coffee beans from Kenya and Central America that will jumpstart your day. Its flavor notes are bright, fruity, and sweet (only a touch!) while it delivers intense caffeine power.

Third: Tanzania Peaberry

The Tanzania Peaberry became a Koffee Kult team favorite this year. These small, round beans have a rich flavor and render a lively, full-bodied cup—with a much lighter acidity. Peaberry coffee is rare and must be hand sorted, but it is truly worth it!