Guide to Becoming a Morning Person with Koffee Kult Coffee

Sure, a cup of our medium roast coffee will help you get the day started once you are out of bed – but what about when you are still in it?


Just because you are not naturally a morning person does not mean that it is too late to become one. Find out why the early bird gets the worm with this guide to becoming a morning person from Koffee Kult.


Get enough sleep. If you are having trouble falling asleep at night, then swap out your afternoon cup of medium roast coffee for a cup of decaf coffee instead. This will help you wind down more easily and get at least seven to nine hours of sleep.


Don’t use the snooze button. By hitting the snooze button for an hour, you not only annoy everyone else in your house, but you also disturb your REM cycle. Instead, set one alarm and reward yourself with a delicious cup of Koffee Kult coffee when you wake up on the first try.


Eat breakfast. Skipping breakfast is one of the worst things you can do in the morning. Our medium roast coffee goes best with breakfast foods such as croissants, parfaits, and omelets, so you want to make sure you make time to enjoy a cup (or two) or one of our favorite brews. Trust us, your body will thank us later.


Let in the light. What will help wake you up almost as quickly as a cup of Koffee Kult coffee? Letting in the light! Open the blinds in order to let your body know that it is time to get the day started, and you will be amazed at how quickly you become a morning person.