French Café Selling Coffee with Manners Goes Viral

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Beginning as just a joke, the owners of Le Petite Syrah café in Nice, France created a special menu for selling coffee, explicitly noting that manners do not cost a thing. Café owner Fabrice Pepino and his wife posted very specific prices on a chalkboard above the cash register, which Koffee Kult says went viral after a French journalist shared a photo of the menu on social media. 

The menu says: 

“Un café” … 7 
“Un café, s’il vous plait” … 4.25 
“Bonjour, un café, s’il vous plait” … 1.40€ 

Which in English translates to: 

“A coffee” ... $7.51 
“A coffee, please” ... $4.56 
“Hello, a coffee, please” ... $1.50 

Koffee Kult explains that the clever café owners stated that they were tired of selling coffee to the numerous rude people whom entered the café and ordered their coffees mostly during lunch hours. The customers that usually visit the coffee shop during these hours are typically in a rush, so they order their coffee quickly, without any manners, so they can get in, get out, and back to work. Although Pepino thinks it is not even legal to be selling coffee for more than the standard price of 1.40, he says he is happy that his customers are smiling more since the sign has been posted up on the wall. He proceeded to state that the sign has “amused customers and helped them relax” when they come in all stressed out during the hard working hours of the day. While selling authentic coffee all day, he says he has definitely seen an improvement in the attitudes of his consumers.