The Coffee Bean, From Picker to Brewer

The coffee bean, so simple yet so complex. This little bean is loved by millions, yet many do not know the adventure these mighty little guys take before turning into that delicious brew in your cup. Let’s take a look at that adventure, and show some more appreciation for the efforts these little beans make.


They don’t start as beans! They begin as tiny seeds used to plant coffee trees and plants. While in wet soil these seed grow into plants that eventually sprout coffee cherries. These little fruits, as delicious as they look are not eaten, but processed for the seeds to be extracted properly. Once the cherries are ripe and picked from the trees, processing can begin.


Processing can happen in one of two ways: the dry method or wet method. The wet processing involves pulping, that leaves solely a parchment skin on the beans. Which then leads to a dry processing. Depending on the type of bean, the wet method can be skipped, and you may move on to dry processing immediately. Drying is easy: simple spread out the coffee cherries evenly on a huge, flat surface. Constant raking and mixing of the cherries takes place during the process to prevent spoiling.


Once properly processed, a milling process takes place that grades, divides, and separates the beans depending on size, weight and color. Finally, the beans are exported to various coffee roasters (The best at Koffee Kult), and these roasters receive the coffee beans direct from the farms that grow them. Before roasting, master roasters go through a process of cupping to test various beans and to guarantee the highest-quality beans are shipped to you.


The final step before brewing is roasting the beans to perfection. Loring roasters are the best available option to roast beans in the coffee market. Koffee Kult is one of very few locations in the US to use a Loring Roaster, and it shows in the coffee we produce.

Finally, when optimum roasting procedures are completed, your fresh roasted Koffee Kult coffee is shipped to you within twenty-four hours of roasting and ready for you, the ultimate coffee brewer.

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