5 Coffee Trends Worth Brewing About

Koffee Kult Coffee TrendsIf there's anything that's constant, is change. Even in the way we view our coffee and who is drinking coffee, there is change.

One big trend this year is direct trade, like we do at Koffee Kult. What does this mean? It’s when a roaster buys directly from the coffee producer—it doesn’t just cut out the middle man, it implies a greater emphasis on coffee quality, farming and growing sustainability, and a bonus being it allows for experimentation in brew methods.

Here are four more to trends to check out:

1. There's a new coffee trending and it's got...nitrogen in it? Find out more about nitro coffee. Plus, when you're ready to try it, we sell our own nitro coffee and tea.

2. Can you imagine having mushroom in your coffee? Of course it would be weird to see it floating around in your heavily caffeinated beverage, but if it's infused in your coffee, it actually gives you a bunch of health benefits

3. Heard of bulletproofing your coffee? What is it? What does it do? Does it give you superpowers? Super food powers is more like it. 

4. A coffeemaker with the artificial intelligence to make us my coffee any time we want it to? Count us in!