5 Awesome Coffee Shop Designs

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When we roast our premium coffee beans to perfection in South Florida, we often wonder where our beans end up and how they are enjoyed. While we enjoy spending every morning with you in your homes, we also think about visiting coffee shops around the globe. Our exceptional coffee is already served in far-flung places, but taking quick mental trips never hurt anyone. Pour a fresh cup and join us on this one of awesome coffee shop designs.

Just as each coffee lover has a unique personality, so does each coffee shop. Check out these beautiful coffee shops all over America that reveal the character of each State they are from.

There's always something satisfying about an aesthetically pleasing coffee shop. From Scandinavian to vintage to colorful and quirky, here is a list of coffee shops around the world that do not only serve good coffee, but look good too.

Planning a trip around Asia? Here are a few unique coffee shops that you can visit! Whether you're looking for a cozy corner to read a book in or a place with fun and innovative designs to look at, you can find a place that perfectly suits your tastes.    

Give your eyes a treat by looking through this list of beautiful and artistic coffee shops found all over Europe.    

We can all agree that coffee shops have gone a long way and are becoming more unique in its design and purpose, but how long a way? Find out more about the history of the coffee shop.