Arabica vs. Robusta

You see it on all of our Koffee Kult coffee bags, 100% Arabica Beans, but what does that mean?  Well for starters, did you know that there are over sixty-five different types of coffee and over ten thousand different varieties? The possibilities are endless. Although, in coffee shops you’ll discover that a majority of the beans are either Robusta or Arabica.


Arabica are the cream of the crop: the top-tier of coffee beans, the high-quality coffee you seek, in other words, these beans are literally the bee’s knees! Arabica beans are said to have been the first coffee beans species to ever evolve, and today are known as the finest beans on the market. To get these extraordinary beans yourself, you would have to adventure down in to parts of Latin America, more specifically, Colombia. Colombia produces only the best of the best Arabica beans, and you will notice a definite price increase when buying coffee beans straight from Colombian coffee farms. What causes this increase in price? Due to the sophistication of the growing process, Arabica beans are harder to grow. These beans need tons of moisture, very rich soil, and consistency between shade and sunlight. The time and effort to grow Arabica beans are much greater than any other beans on the planet. The fruitiness draws a large crowd to pests and the way each plant grows leaves the beans vulnerable to damage during weather conditions. A close eye needs to be kept during the entire process to prevent damage from occurring.

When done right, Arabica beans have a soft, sweet taste and the flavor can very extraordinarily with different sugars, fruits and berries. The aroma and taste typically give off a wine essence and is the bean of choice amongst Americans compared to Robusta beans.


Robusta has a physical difference with size, and of course taste because of where they are grown, and not to mention the noticeable difference in price. When you have a cup of Robusta after tasting Arabica, you’ll immediately notice a much stronger, harsh taste, due to the quality of the bean. From this stronger, harsh taste it is believed Robusta has more caffeine and therefore preferred for coffee drinks which feature espresso, because that is what most Robusta beans are used for.


If you were ever to grow coffee beans, you will find that Robusta are much easier to take care of during the growing process as they are less vulnerable to pests and do better with nasty weather conditions. If you adventure over to the Eastern Hemisphere in Africa or Indonesia, you will have landed in the most popular areas for growing Robusta beans. Due to how easy the process is, most ground coffees found in Supermarkets are Robusta and are sold for a much cheaper price than Arabica.


Buyers beware! You can find Arabic beans in supermarkets and other retailers of coffee beans, but just because the bag says Arabica, doesn’t mean it is of high-quality. Koffee Kult Arabica beans are a brand you can trust. We pride ourselves on selling only the most premium coffee in the world, which is why our bags say 100% Arabica. We travel the globe to ensure only the best is sent to you!


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