White Lightning Blonde Coffee
White Lightning Blonde Coffee
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White Lightning Blonde Coffee

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Amazing light roast blonde coffee to get your white coffee on. Inspired by our friends in the North East of the United States. Fill your mug with tons of flavor and caffeine, so good there is no need for cream or sugar. THIS IS NOT FOR EVERYONE - VERY LIGHT ROAST

 Lightly roasted coffee to maintain the maximum caffeine content for coffee. Blonde coffees are know to have 5% more caffeine in them compared to darker roasted coffee beans. 

Cupping notes:
Oats, Honey, Peanut Butter Cookies, Nutty, Full Body, Long Finish

Profile: Dark roast
100% Arabica coffee
Roasted in Hollywood, Florida
Blend of coffee beans are grown in Peru and Nicaragua


This roast is very light and the beans are denser than traditional coffee. Save your grinder and order ground from us.


Our Roast Masters roast your coffee, hand package and directly ship coffee orders from KoffeeKult.com. Your coffee will be roasted fresh and include the roast date on the bag

All orders placed before 12pm EST will ship that day. Orders arfter 12pm EST will be roasted and shipping the next business day. 

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