Wahana Longberry Natural Micro-lot

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Longberry; name after its appearance originated from Aceh Longberry varietal. The size of this Wahana Longberry is relatively long compared to other varietals. 

In Indonesia, Longberry was known to be grown only in Aceh and we decided to plant it in Wahana Estate in 2006. Growing of Longberry varietals is a slow process and only reached maturity after 7 years, unlike other varietals that generally only take 3-4 years in Indonesia. Wahana Longberry has a low yield per tree which in turn resulting in intense cup profiles.

In this natural process, the cherries are washed in the Wahana Estate washing station. The floaters are separated and only heavy cherries are washed. The cherries are then sun-dried under the canopy until cherries are hardened and then hulled in Wahana Estate resulting in green beans.

Cupping Notes: full body with low acidity creamy, blueberry, raspberry, clean, juicy, sweet, and clean
Profile: Medium Roast



Origin: Sumatra, Indonesia
Region: Sidikalang District
Cupping Notes: creamy, blueberry, raspberry, clean, juicy, sweet
Altitude: 1300 to1500masl
Variety: Rasuna
Drying Process: Natural sun-dried under a canopy

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All coffee is grown and processed by Wahana Estate since 2006.

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