Kult BBQ - PIG BBQ Rub
Kult BBQ - PIG BBQ Rub
Kult BBQ - PIG BBQ Rub
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Kult BBQ - PIG BBQ Rub

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About: A sweet and smoky BBQ Rub that works great with pork. Also great on chicken or beef.

Ingredients: Demerara Sugar, Salt, Dehydrated Vegetables (garlic, onion, red bell pepper), Spices, Paprika, Extractives of Paprika, Natural Flavor.

Shaker Jar NT WT: 5.8oz (164.4g)

  • Take out your meat
  • Oil it up (canola oil)
  • Sprinkle this rub on it but, don’t ya rub it like your high school prom date... pat it.
  • Let  meat rest no more than 60 min before it hits the smoke for optimal BBQ 
  • Smoke that Meat!

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