Peru Las Damas Vidal Cordova Honey Micro-Lot

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Roast Profile: Medium Roast
Cupping Notes: Dark Chocolate, Cherry, Raspberry

This micro-lot is from the Coopafsi region of Peru. Vidal Crodova joined Coopafsi as a partner in March 2010. He is a member of the generation of young leaders trained for leadership succession, because in his short time as a partner he has managed to be a member and leader of the Coopafsi board of directors. His Farm is 1650 meters above sea level and he is part of the San Antonio de la Balsa Committee. He is very interested in sharing his honey processed coffee this year he has been able to produce very good coffee with anaerobic fermentation.



Producer: Vidal Cordova
Elevation: 1650 masl
Region: Coopafsi
Country: Peru
Process: Honey
Variety: Caturra, Colombia, Pache
Cupping notes: Dark Chocolate, Cherry, Raspberry

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