Mahlkonig Guatemala Lab Grinder - Coffee Lab & Single Serve Grinder

Regular price $ 3,500.00 Sale price $ 2,200.00

The most versatile Retail Coffee Grinder by MAHLKÌÐNIGå¨åÊ

Versatile & Powerful:

  • Suitable for extensive use in coffee shops, depots,

coffee roasters and laboratories


  • Bags are simply clamped into the bag holder ‰ÛÒåÊ
    no need toåÊhold bags during the grinding process
  • Residue free grinding due to vertical grinding discs

  • Traditional MAHLKÌÐNIG design
  • Grinder housing from plastic material varnished

in premium black matt


  • Foldable table (to use for lab or single portion grinding)
  • Metal cup (to use for lab or single portion grinding)
  • Spout with metal knocker (to get all residues out)
  • Self-service version
  • Holder for filter coffee baskets
  • Larger hopper (1000 g/1500 g/2500 g - 2.2 lbs/3.3 lbs/5.5lbs)
  • Raised outlet height

You place your order for your specially customized GuatemalaåÊincluding the setup of features you need.åÊNo individual assembly on-site neccessary - you will receive theåÊgrinder according to your individual requirements.

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