Organic Darjeeling Full Leaf Black Tea

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Darjeeling Black: Unlike most orthodox Darjeelings, this version is an impressively tippy full leaf tea. Grown at approximately 1,600 meters, this exceptional brew yields a honey sweet cup with a characteristic muscatel grape note and hints of aromatic wood. A light malty taste rounds out the cup.

Tea Origin: Phuguri Estate, Darjeeling District, India
Tea Variety: 
Cultivar: Darjeeling
Harvest: 2nd Flush Harvest, Phuguri Estate

Ingredients: 100% Organic Darjeeling Full Leaf Black Tea


Hot: use 195-degree water, 2 grams of tea with 8oz of water, steep for 4-6 minutes, steep again to enjoy another cup

Cold Brew Suggestions: 0.20 lbs of tea per gallon of water.  Steep for 12 to 16 hours. 

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