Geisha Coffee Beans Buenos Aires Micro Lot - Granja La Esperanza (100grams)

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In 2007, Rigoberto Herrera and Luis Eduardo Herrera began researching the Geisha varietal that is grown in Panama. Having developed a fascination with exotic coffee varietals, they decided to bring these plants to Colombia and shortly thereafter the Colombian Geisha Buenos Aires was being produced on their farm, Finca Potosi, in the town of Caicedonia.

The cherry collectors are usually trained for several months to learn how to pick only the ripest cherries. The results of this hard work, research, and innovation have produced a wonderful lot of coffee. Rigoberto and Luis have clearly achieved their goals of establishing a distinctive brand for their farm and delivering a coffee with an exceptional flavor profile.


Cupping Notes: Sweet and balanced, notes of strawberry, watermelon and lime - roasted medium

Location Caicedonia, Valle de Cauca

Altitude 1,750 masl

Varieties Geisha

Process Fully Washed

Drying Mechanical

Harvest May - October

Export November- March *Roasted on order



Rigoberto and Luis meticulously manage the various micro-climates throughout the four farms to ensure optimum adaptability for the Geisha variety and exceptional cherry maturation at Cerro Azul.
The brothers have also embarrassed innovation at their wet and dry mill to reduce water and fossil fuel consumption. Beyond coffee, the brothers focus on creating gender balance in the workforce, dignified wages, and educational opportunities for workers and their children.


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