Bourbon Barrel Aged Burundi Coffee **Limited Release**

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Bourbon Barrel Aged Burundi Coffee is aged inside Jack Daniel’s bourbon barrels and done to perfection in the Koffee Kult roasting facility until it’s infused with a sweet yet smoky, nutty chocolate flavor. Hand turned daily by our roaster masters for months, this coffee is then roasted to its superb roast profile.

Our bourbon barrel aged coffee is only available in whole bean to ensure the best possible experience.

 *Jack Daniel’s and its bourbon once used the barrels, but the aging and roasting magic is all Koffee Kult.



Cupping Notes: Sweet, smokey, Floral, orange, brown sugar, nutmeg, chocolate, lemon lime acidity, grapefruit aftertaste

Roast medium

Location Kayanza, Asia

Altitude 1980 masl

Varieties arabica coffee, Bourbon

Process Natural, dried on patios in the sun, hand turned thru out the day

Harvest March - June

 This coffee is shipped whole bean within 24 hours of roasting to insure the best experience in your cup.


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