Titan Brew Stand
Titan Brew Stand
Titan Brew Stand
Titan Brew Stand

Titan Brew Stand

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The Titan Brew Stand is designed to work with an Acaia Pearl scale to measure beverage weight during brewing. The Pearl is placed on top of the aluminum base with the carafe atop it, and the brewing device is supported by the aluminum arches.

Beverage weight can be used to standardize the amount of liquid coffee prepared, regardless of the amount of water retained by the ground coffee in the brewing device. For those using a refractometer to measure extraction yield and coffee beverage strength, accurate measurement of the beverage weight is also an advantage over estimating the beverage by subtracting approximate liquid retained by the ground coffee.

The Titan can also be used as a brewing stand for an Aeropress, and a Lunar can be substitute for the Pearl when necessary or convenient.

Model Number : AA011

Material : Aluminum Alloy

Weight : 728g

Dimensions: 20.2cm (W) x 20.2cm (H) x 18.7cm (D)

Content: Acaia Titan Brew Stand x 1, Screws x 6, Hex Key x 1, Rubber Dot x 8

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