Chiapas Mexico Coffee
Chiapas Mexico Coffee
Chiapas Mexico Coffee
Chiapas Mexico Coffee
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Chiapas Mexico Coffee

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Chiapas is a southern Mexican state bordering Guatemala. Its mountainous highlands and dense rainforest are dotted with Mayan archaeological sites and Spanish colonial towns. The Chiapas mountain region produces large amounts of bananas, corn and most of all COFFEE.

Our Coffee beans are packaged as whole bean coffee to ensure optimal freshness in a resealable coffee bag. Koffee Kult Coffee uses the best specialty grade sourced beans! 

Cupping notes: Roasted full medium brown in color, with a strong hint of peanut butter and Notes of lemon & milk chocolate

Region and Geography: Chiapas, Mexico.

Altitude: 900-1600 masl

Process: fully washed and dried in the sun


It is roasted with great care, in small batches in-house using the best equipment.

Adriana H

Dark Roast. It’s the blend we sell at OneKreate and our customers love it

Robert M